Washable, reusable face mask with filter pocket.


So… a PANDEMIC, HUH?! Pretty crappy thing to experience. I’ve been fully quarantined since early March. I started making these masks about a month or so ago. I found many patterns for protective masks, but I wasn’t a fan until I found this one! Only there was no filter pocket. So I added it to the lining, and BAM! Exactly what I was looking for. They’re comfortable, washable, and a great stash buster. You can also use string, elastic, strong yarn, twine, anything to tie them on. Elastic is ideal, but If you’ve tried ordering elastic right now, you know that it is a SERIOUS PROCESS!! Whatever you use, make sure it is comfortable and stays put. You should not be fiddling with any protective gear while you’re out and about. Below you’ll see how I tied this one on with some thin rope from a hefty sack of beans that we had.

Originally, I made this video tutorial to help with protective mask making for staff at the library I work for. But I decided to throw it up on my YouTube channel. That’s been abandoned. By me. Yes, yes… I know, I know. I’ve gotten your messages. I’ve gotten your emails. Maybe in a future post I will go into what’s been going on the past few years. I really do want this to be my comeback. Only I’ll be adding sewing tutorials to the list.


Hope this tutorial is helpful for anyone looking to make masks. It’s also my first sewing tutorial, so I hope I did a decent job. Take care of yourselves and WEAR A MASK!!!

Click here for the mask pattern PDF

For the YouTube video tutorial, click HERE.

IMPORTANT! For Information by the CDC about wearing cloth masks to slow the spread of Coronavirus, click HERE.